Angel Care Team

  • These are volunteers who provide a prayerful and caring presence for those who have recently experienced surgery or a loss. Typically a Care Blanket and food are delivered to the individual or family in need, with a follow up visit if needed.   

Board of Administration

  • These individuals are responsible for the Church building and grounds as well as finances and facilities. The Stewardship Committee falls under their purview. They also determine, with Church council approval, when capital funds will be used.

Board of Spiritual Life

  • Those on this committee, with guidance from the pastor, oversee the spiritual and educational life of our congregation. Typically they are responsible to set the theme and organize the annual five week Lenten study which may include guest speakers, drama, book studies and fellowship meals.

Church Council

  • The council is comprised of representatives from each committee as well as a member at large. They meet on the third Thursday of each month and provide leadership and program evaluation in continuity with our church goals and mission.  

CE Board

  • The volunteers on this committee are primarily responsible to provide Christian Education and fellowship opportunities for our church members and young visitors. This includes Sunday School (FROG POWER) Vacation Bible School and Mission opportunities for the youth and young adults of our church. 

Congregational Life

  • These individuals are responsible for organizing fellowship events including: special meals (such as the Confirmation banquet) Church potlucks, Harvest Dinners, etc.


  • The members of this committee work to strengthen our tie to potential new members and recently received members. In addition they educate our present membership on the ways in which we can be more welcoming and inclusive.  


  • This group of people receives and oversees the dollars from memorial gifts following the death of a friend or member of the Church. They provide the means for such gifts to be utilized for the long-term benefit of the Church and its members. An example might be camp scholarships for youth.


  • This committee has actively sought to engage in both local and global mission pursuits, from collecting non-perishable food items for the Bountiful Basket to sponsorships of families in India. In addition this committee organizes the annual giving to our five Denominational offerings. 


  • Oversees the church music program and is responsible for seeing that our organ, baby grand piano, digital keyboard choir chimes and other instruments are in good repair and working condition.  

Pastoral Relations

  • This committee led by our Moderator meets three times annually to provide support and feedback to our Pastor. In addition, if there is a conflict that the Pastor needs help resolving, this committee will assist in that effort.


  • This committee is responsible for determining a theme and to administer and to encourage members to contribute to the annual Stewardship campaign.

Women's Fellowship

  • The women’s fellowship is open to all of the women of the Church. Their primary purpose is Christian fellowship and spiritual support, but they also do fundraising through such endeavors as the annual Women’s Salad Luncheon. 


  • provide worship support which includes communion preparation and cleanup, the changing of the vestments and the arranging of flowers. Special services, such as the annual Maundy Thursday observance, require additional attention. 

Worship Planning

  • The individuals on this committee choose congregational hymns and Choir music to go thematically with the liturgical season and the Pastors theme for any given Sunday.